Rob Shaw v Ray Hyde

This is Ray's recent game on board 1 against Rob Shaw of Cheddleton in the NSDCA Open Cup. Rob Shaw is graded over 200 and it was a wonderful effort by Ray to hold him to a draw, especially as he had the black pieces. As it turned out Ray's draw was the only contribution that Fenton made to the match score as we went down by 5.5 - 0.5.

Ray Hyde v Glyn Valentine - Fenton Club Championship 3rd Round

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Jack Healings v Steve Emmerton - NSDCA Division 2 - 5th February 2016

My favourite Scandinavian Defence which, unfortunately for him, my opponent played very badly. A terrible move for White on move 10 led to the immediate loss of a piece and it was then just a slow death. White was left very weak on the black squares and with both of his Rooks with nowhere to go it was just a matter of time.

Rob Taylor v Kasian Capatina - 2015 Club Championship 3rd Round

Christoph Kammerer v Ray Hyde - Newcastle Rapidplay Jamboree - 3rd July 2015

Steve Emmerton v Kasian Capatina - Club Championship 5th Round

After a couple of bad performances in the first 4 rounds of the Club Championship I needed to win this game against Kas to stand a very slim chance of winning the tournament. As things turned out it didn't matter because Rob Taylor got a win and a draw from his final 2 games to take the title.